Dr. Clifford Gates sat on the ground on the site of his latest archeological excavation in southwest Sicily, and pondered the irony of his situation. Before him was a find that would shake the foundations of anthropology and the scientific community, and be the crowning glory of his long career. The world stood on the brink of nuclear war, however, and the timing was completely wrong to reveal what he had uncovered. 

Dr. Gates had found an ossuary deep in a Sicilian cave, a container for bones. The one he had found was unusually large, housing the remains of an extraordinarily gigantic specimen, an individual he had judged from the femur to have stood at least twenty feet high. Even more remarkable was the fact that the skull of the discovery possessed only a singular eye, a bony orbit located in the center of the forehead. Gates held the massive skull in his hands and marveled at what he had found; a Cyclops, a gigantic creature described in Homer’s “The Odyssey,” and presumed prior to this point to have been a fanciful creation of mythology. The reality of this creature’s existence in life was absolutely breathtaking, and would reveal the presence of a world previously only imagined. If the Cyclops had existed, what else from mythology might have as well?

But the timing of this discovery was all wrong with the world about to descend into the madness of a global nuclear war. Dr. Gates ordered the ossuary sealed up and returned to the depths of the cave which had shielded it for thousands of years. If civilization survived the nuclear apocalypse, he would return to claim it. If not, perhaps another future generation would.

As Dr. Gates withdrew his team, he was unaware of being watched from the depths of a surrounding forest by something enormous, and possessed of but a large singular eye. The Cyclops had endured undetected for many thousands of years, and its race had every intention of continuing to do so…