Cry of the Nephilim…

NephilimIt’s not easy being a Nephilim; you’ve got no place to rest your oversized head, being dammed in heaven and earth and all. I guess I could go to Hell; great company, but lousy climate…at least I hear they’ve got a great band.

Ah me…I didn’t ask to be born, ‘ya know! Mother was ravished by a fallen angel, one of about 200 good ole boys who split away from Number One in the long ago, and made whoopie with the daughters of men, much to His everlasting consternation. Must have partied hearty, though, ’cause yours truly and a bunch of other blokes resulted. Trouble is, being part demonic and part human gives you major identification problems, to say nothing of the “fitting in” thing…and I’ve got no bloody therapist!

Ever try buying clothes off the rack when you’re over nine feet tall?! – – No, I suppose you haven’t.  When all of your threads are custom-make, you’re talking some serious bucks, too. I was a natural as a basketball player or football quarterback, but found that I could only do that so long before the overly-curious caused me to move on. Being a freak necessitates a nomadic life style, and it feels like it takes all of the moving I can do just to stay in one place.

Whack jobs pursue me, too. The religious ones want to execute me on the spot and call me an abomination; what do ‘ya think that does to my self-concept?! Then there are those who think that aliens were my father…if one was, I wish he’d beam me up! The Almighty got so perturbed with the existence of the Nephilim that some say that’s why he wiped out most of us together with men in Noah’s flood  (Russell Crowe made a fine Noah, didn’t he?).  Anyways, fallen angels again hit on mortal women after the flood, and so here I am. — As Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along?”  At least the Almighty said he’d never again destroy the world by flood.

He never said, though, that he’d never use earthquakes, and we seem to be having a lot of those lately… it makes me start to wonder.  With my luck, I’ll probably be in California when it slides off the Pacific coast.  I didn’t ask to be born; if I had, the answer probably would have been “no.”- – Why do I suffer so at the hands of the Deity, and those who call themselves normal?- – Is it normal to hate? Just who is the real monster here? Some of us seem born to suffering, as the sparks fly upward…*sigh.*

Dark Nativity…

RaptorJohn and Marsha were expecting a baby, but instead they got a Velociraptor.  At their prenatal sonogram, Dr. Janus examined repeated images, only to determine that there was no mistake.

“I’m afraid I have bad news,” the physician advised the expectant couple.  “Your child is grossly abnormal.  I would strongly advise that you terminate the pregnancy!”

Marsha shook her head in disbelief.  “What exactly are you saying, Doctor?- -Is the child deformed?  Is there a genetic abnormality?”

“No,” replied Dr. Janus.  “Your child is perfectly healthy.  It is also not human.”

“Not human?  What do you mean, Doctor?,” asked John, struggling to understand.

“Have you ever heard it said that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?,” asked Dr. Janus.  “No, I suppose not.  Well, the development of the individual parallels the evolution of the species prenatally.  At one point in its development, even a human embryo has what would become in another species gill slits.  Well, for reasons unknown, your unborn child has failed to develop past a reptilian stage.- – You must abort it!”

Marsha shook her head firmly in the negative.  “Every child is a gift from God, Doctor…and I intend to carry this pregnancy to full term!”

“But my good woman!,” interjected Dr. Janus, “This ‘child’ is of a different species entirely!  It is not even remotely human!”

“Doctor, you heard what my wife said,” advised John.  “We’re having this baby!”

“You are within your rights,” said Dr. Janus, “but Marsha may not survive her pregnancy, and the product of the pregnancy will be completely unpredictable!- – Don’t say that you haven’t been advised of this!”

The couple stood their ground, and some months later found themselves in the delivery room where following a long and torturous labor Marsha gave birth to something inhuman.  The infant Velociraptor practically erupted from its human mother, drawing gasps from the attending physician Dr. Janus and nurses.  Pausing only momentarily, the small but fully functional creature sprang to the face of Dr. Janus, swiftly removing his nose with its hooked talons and needle-like teeth.  The bloodied Velociraptor then leaped to the floor, issuing a high-pitched cry and making good its exit when an additional nurse entered the delivery room.

Dr. Janus sputtered through the blood of his ruined face as he struggled to speak.  “So this is your ‘gift from God,’ eh?,” he gasped.  “Pray to God that He takes it back!”

The physician collapsed to the floor as the Velociraptor worked its way through rooms and corridors of the great metropolitan hospital, administering toxic care to everyone that it met.  Then it abruptly stopped to sniff at the air, moving with agitation and excitement in another direction.

Not far away, you see, another unusual birth had occurred.  Mary had a little lamb, and the raptor sensed tasty prey…

Of Things Yet Unseen…

The Augment

The lithe figure moved with athletic grace and speed almost silently through the woods, keeping comfortably ahead of his pursuers from the secret government installation called only, “the Shop.”  Their scent signatures were readily discernible to him, each one unique and distinctive.  Although he had been running for hours, he could have easily continued to do so for an indeterminate period of time, indeed all night if he needed to.   As darkness spread, his eyes adjusted readily to the gloom, for he could see well in minimal light.   The humanoid sniffed the air as he ran, rejoicing in its heady aroma and the wealth of information each breath brought him.  A genetically augmented human, the fugitive was well-equipped to use his heritage to escape those sought him.

As he maintained a powerful stride, the man-thing pondered his origins in the laboratory where as a human embryo his genes were spliced with those of a variety of animals and even plants, rendering him into something humanoid but quite extraordinary.   They had called him “Adam” in honor of the supposed original man, but his hot blood coursed to rhythms other than those of a single species.  His innate hatred of captivity had led Adam to escape the prison that had birthed him. When the time was right, the scientists caught off guard and security personnel proved no match for his preternatural reflexes and strength.  He had left them bloodied and broken in the hallways, and feeling strangely exhilarated by the combat.

So Adam ran through the night, feeling at one with it.  When day broke, he effortlessly climbed a tree from which he could see for miles, exposing as he did so chloroplasts in his skin which enabled the conversion of sunlight into energy.  Indeed, Adam could survive without food if in the sun for at least twelve hours a day, although he most often used solar exposure to enhance his bodily reserves.  As he sunned himself, Adam’s skin also assumed a protective camouflage pattern, matching that of the leaves and tree bark that surrounded him and rendering him indistinguishable from it.   

The turmoil of an approaching helicopter roused Adam from his brief rest; how had it tracked him?–Of course, the microchip that they had implanted in the lab, how could he have been so negligent as to have forgotten it?!–Adam clawed open the skin on his thigh, grimacing at the pain and smashing the chip on a tree branch.  The helicopter was closer now, its sound almost deafening.  Hurriedly, Adam reached to his lower ribs and pried off the symbiont, a disk-shaped, mollusk-like creature.  When the helicopter had closed to within a few dozen feet, Adam flung the symbiont at the small craft with strength and accuracy not humanly possible.  The symbiont thunked against the helicopter’s metallic skin, attaching itself and exuding a molecular acid which swiftly burned through the hull.  Once inside, the symbiont scurried on crab-like legs towards the human inhabitants of the helicopter, flinging itself upon them.  They instinctively clawed at the horrid creature, but received only painful burns as the acid which coated the symbiont ate into their flesh.  Within moments, the chopper veered wildly off course, its pilot losing all control as he struggled to remove the symbiont from his face.  Careening about, the helicopter rotors sliced into nearby upper tree branches, causing it to flip sideways, impact with a tree, and explode.

Again alone, Adam mourned the loss of the symbiont, his chameleonic skin flushing with a variety of colors to register his distress.  In time, he would grow another. He descended the tree, his clawed hands and feet easily finding purchase on the bark. Freed of the microchip but alarmed by how close his pursuers had come, Adam made his way to the sea, knowing that he could not  as easily be followed there.  The gill slits on his neck opened as he cast himself into the water, that ancient cradle of life which would now serve as his sanctuary until he and others like himself could inherit the world…