Dark Nativity…

RaptorJohn and Marsha were expecting a baby, but instead they got a Velociraptor.  At their prenatal sonogram, Dr. Janus examined repeated images, only to determine that there was no mistake.

“I’m afraid I have bad news,” the physician advised the expectant couple.  “Your child is grossly abnormal.  I would strongly advise that you terminate the pregnancy!”

Marsha shook her head in disbelief.  “What exactly are you saying, Doctor?- -Is the child deformed?  Is there a genetic abnormality?”

“No,” replied Dr. Janus.  “Your child is perfectly healthy.  It is also not human.”

“Not human?  What do you mean, Doctor?,” asked John, struggling to understand.

“Have you ever heard it said that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?,” asked Dr. Janus.  “No, I suppose not.  Well, the development of the individual parallels the evolution of the species prenatally.  At one point in its development, even a human embryo has what would become in another species gill slits.  Well, for reasons unknown, your unborn child has failed to develop past a reptilian stage.- – You must abort it!”

Marsha shook her head firmly in the negative.  “Every child is a gift from God, Doctor…and I intend to carry this pregnancy to full term!”

“But my good woman!,” interjected Dr. Janus, “This ‘child’ is of a different species entirely!  It is not even remotely human!”

“Doctor, you heard what my wife said,” advised John.  “We’re having this baby!”

“You are within your rights,” said Dr. Janus, “but Marsha may not survive her pregnancy, and the product of the pregnancy will be completely unpredictable!- – Don’t say that you haven’t been advised of this!”

The couple stood their ground, and some months later found themselves in the delivery room where following a long and torturous labor Marsha gave birth to something inhuman.  The infant Velociraptor practically erupted from its human mother, drawing gasps from the attending physician Dr. Janus and nurses.  Pausing only momentarily, the small but fully functional creature sprang to the face of Dr. Janus, swiftly removing his nose with its hooked talons and needle-like teeth.  The bloodied Velociraptor then leaped to the floor, issuing a high-pitched cry and making good its exit when an additional nurse entered the delivery room.

Dr. Janus sputtered through the blood of his ruined face as he struggled to speak.  “So this is your ‘gift from God,’ eh?,” he gasped.  “Pray to God that He takes it back!”

The physician collapsed to the floor as the Velociraptor worked its way through rooms and corridors of the great metropolitan hospital, administering toxic care to everyone that it met.  Then it abruptly stopped to sniff at the air, moving with agitation and excitement in another direction.

Not far away, you see, another unusual birth had occurred.  Mary had a little lamb, and the raptor sensed tasty prey…